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*1. Whenever I call or go visit Pure Luxury I always feel important.
*2. When making or changing a reservation, the office staff is always friendly, helpful and professional.
*3. I can always count on the reservation agents to give me great tips and suggestions to complete my itinerary.
*4. Pure Luxury’s chauffeurs are courteous & professional.
*5. I feel confident, safe & comfortable in Pure Luxury vehicles.
*6. The chauffeurs at Pure Luxury are appropriately attired and well groomed.
*7. Pure Luxury Chauffeur's are very knowledgeable in their field, and can always assist in making quick decisions when needed.
*8. Pure Luxury’s vehicles are always clean inside & out, well stocked and all features are in working order.
*9. If you have ever contacted our dispatch department, did you feel that they were helpful, professional & timely?
*10. If you have ever visited our web site at Pureluxury.com, did you feel that the web site was user friendly, appealing & helpful?
*11. I would recommend Pure Luxury to friends and family.
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