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The Pure Luxury #LetsGo Sweepstakes has officially ended! Congratulations to our winner @Unnofficial:MaryM for receiving more than 300 likes, comments, and shares on her post. 

Thank you to all of our entrants for participating in another fun #PureLuxury contest!









1 lucky winner will be selected to win a once in a lifetime VIP experience watching the 49ers play the Vikings on September 14th! The winner will get 4 all access passes inclusive of food, drinks, VIP parking, a group photo and field access to hold the American Flag during the National Anthem! Are you excited yet?

To WIN the Pure Luxury #LetsGo Sweepstakes you must follow these 3 steps to qualify your entry. Entrants lacking 1 of these 3 will NOT qualify.


1. Entrants must share the The Pure Luxury #LetsGo Sweepstakes post to their Twitter©, Instagram©, or Facebook© accounts with their fill in-the-blank caption "If @PureLuxury could take me anywhere it would be ____! #LETSGO"

2. They must follow Pure Luxury Transportation on either Twitter©, Instagram© or Facebook©.

3. Entrants must get as many likes, comments, and shares on their post as possible. The entrant with the most likes, comments and shares - WINS!



Official Contest Rules:

Pure Luxury Transportation is the official sponsor of the Pure Luxury #LestGo Sweepstakes. All entrants must be at least 21 years of age at the time of entering to participate and be an official resident of the United States. All entrants must tag #LetsGo & @PureLuxury as well as follow Pure Luxury Transportation on Twitter©, Instagram©, or Facebook© to be eligible to win. No Purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win, and will not increase your chances of winning.  All entries must be in English. No profanity or copyright infringements allowed. No other brand recognition besides Pure Luxury Transportation© allowed in entrant's fill in the blanks, comments, or other entry types. Each entry will be judged based on the creativity, originality, and overall engagement with us and other entrants. Entrants may enter by using or creating a free Twitter©, Instagram©, or Facebook© account, following Pure Luxury

Transportation (if not already) and tagging both #LetsGo and @PureLuxury in their entries. Entrants may submit as many entries as desired.  Pure Luxury Transportation is not responsible for any travel fees to and from Sonoma County where the tickets and prize are to be redeemed and used. The Pure Luxury #LetsGo Sweepstakes prize must be used on September 14th when the 49ers and Vikings game takes place. This tour may not be provided in a limo, but an SUV and is subject to availability. Upon entering you are releasing the right to your information, and giving Pure Luxury Transportation the consent to use your photos and material in further marketing initiatives. The Winner Will be announced between 9/12/2015 and 9/13/2015. Pure Luxury will contact you by the username and account you used to enter. We reserve the right to update contest rules.

The Pure Luxury #LetsGo Sweepstakes has officially ended. Congratulations to our winner @Unnoficial:MaryM and Thank you to all of our entrants for participating!