Pure Luxury Transportation is ready to provide what we do BEST- Reliable, Safe, Chauffeured Ground Transportation!

With health and safety as our #1 priority, we have implemented more strict cleaning procedures. Keeping you, our employees, and those around us safe.
Before your chauffeured vehicle arrives, it has been completely sanitized and disinfected using a hospital grade decontamination spray.
Pure Luxury chauffeurs wear masks and gloves, practice social distancing, disinfect the vehicle throughout the reservation and after the reservation is complete.
All staff is required to have their temperature checked before beginning their shift, ensuring that you will have a safe trip.
The Pure Luxury team looks forward to providing you with safe, reliable and high quality service you deserve.

Pure Luxury’s Upgraded Decontamination Policy

Pure Luxury would like to share with our partners and passengers, our upgraded “Hospital Grade Decontamination” Policy for our vehicles and all of our offices.
Over the past 29 years, the health and safety of our passengers and staff has been our top priority. Every vehicle has been cleaned, detailed, and disinfected each day. During our detailing practices, we’ve always used Professional Lysol IC Quaternary Disinfectant to clean all interior surfaces, ensuring every vehicle is virus and bacteria free.
With COVID-19, we’ve updated our disinfection policies, enacting a new “Hospital Grade Decontamination” for our vehicles and offices. Over the past month, with the help of professionals, we’ve researched how to implement the best hospital grade decontamination policy to assure Pure Luxury protects our passengers and staff, and provides the safest environment in our industry.
Included in our new policy will be the continued use of Professional Lysol IC Quaternary Disinfectant, as previously used, both in our offices, and our vehicles after every passenger has exited. In addition, we will be adding TRANSFORM Hospital Grade Disinfectant during our daily
decontamination procedures. All of our vehicles are parked outside, which allows additional natural decontamination from the sun’s UV rays.
As for staffing, we will be implementing a very strict policy to ensure that any driver or other staff member that feels sick or has a fever, will not be allowed on company property and must seek medical attention immediately. We are also adding a Medical Grade Infrared Non-Touch Thermometer to our offices so that each staff member will be checked at the beginning of their shift. All drivers will follow PPE guidelines and wear masks and gloves as needed.
Pure Luxury has never closed. We are here 24/7 for all of our clients, for any transportation needs, and we will ensure your well-being throughout your trip.