Bardessono Puts Decadence In New “Do Not Disturb” Package

The days of a three-martini lunch are over. Or maybe they’re not, if Bardessono’s latest promotion spikes enough interest in the mid-day dining set. And martinis? That’s just the beginning.

In one of the most creative hospitality specials I’ve ever seen, now through the end of March, the posh Yountville hotel is inviting couples to linger up to four hours over a meal. Yet here’s the real headline: the repast is room service, served in a luxurious Bardessono guest room, and includes a couple’s massage.

There’s no overnight stay, so essentially, it’s an offer to play haute hooky, an escape from everyday stresses, and a whole new way to experience the property. The connection to being the best Valentine’s Day gift ever is obvious.

Available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, the “Do Not Disturb” package showcases Bardessono’s mini spa centers, a primary amenity of each and every guest room. Massage tables and all the accoutrements pull out of the cabinets of the oversized bathrooms, and a private masseuse sets up the room with calming mood lighting and music.

Part of the beauty is that after you’re all woozy and relaxed following the rub down, you don’t have to leave the table, except when you’re finally ready to slither out to the real bed in the bedroom, or perhaps into the Jacuzzi tub, or maybe into the private steam shower.

Pre- or post-massage, you can indulge in lunch, or breakfast, or an early dinner, whatever your timing ends up being. Eat in your robe on the private patio, or even in bed if you like, with favorites like a burger and pickled vegetables, or a Bruins Farms tomato panini.

The menu features highlights from the Bardessono restaurant, like Atlantic cod in lemon-caper brown butter with fried parsley, a filet of pan-seared Marin Sun Farms beef in olive sauce, and a charcuterie platter with cornichons and grilled bread. For dessert, it might be a chocolate coupe of Guanaja mousse, caramel cream and chocolate streusel.

To cap it off, add in a glass – or two, or three – of Henriot Blanc Souverain Brut NV Champagne.

At $450 per couple, you’ll definitely have plenty to cheer.

Bardessono, 6526 Yount St., Yountville; 707-204-6050,

Tip: Add chauffer service to your upscale escape. Do Not Disturb is even more decadent in the private, sexy cocoon of a Pure Luxury limousine.

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