Cellars of Sonoma Lobster Lunch

I have a friend who is obsessed with lobsters. In her house there are ceramic lobsters, lobsters made of wood or glass, and cuddly stuffed-animal lobsters sitting between the pillows on her couch. When I think of lobsters, I think of the kind with claws moving on the bottom of the ocean. There are other types of lobsters without claws but the type with claws are the best tasting. Ultimately, I’m not thinking of cute lobsters to decorate with – I’m more focused on making sure my nutcracker and dipping butter are close.

Last Year’s Lobster Lunch at DuNah

To accommodate others who can relate to my idea of lobster, Cellars of Sonoma Lobster Lunch is back! This time instead of one date at one winery, there are two dates at two wineries!

The View from James Family Cellars

May 22, 2010 the Lobster Lunch will take place at James Family Cellars. If you can’t make it that day, you can reserve your spot for July 24, 2010 presented at DuNah Vineyard & Winery. Both wineries use sustainable farming practices to handcraft their award-winning wines. Click here to make your reservations.

Lobster Lunch is Back!

You’ll meet the owners of the winery you attend while tasting their outstanding wines and enjoy oysters, artisan cheese, corn on the cob, fresh sourdough bread, and much more.

This is a special event you’ll want to share with friends. Contact Pure Luxury to reserve your private chauffeured transportation and make it an afternoon to remember!

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