Concierge Makes Travel Easier with Your Four-Legged Friend

My puppy is already a first-class traveler. At four months old, he has toured all over Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino and Livermore wine countries, where he has pranced through tasting rooms, dined at al fresco restaurants and sniffed along the paths of vineyards, orchards, meadows and culinary gardens.

He has stayed at some of the area’s best bed-and-breakfasts, napping contentedly in his crate when it’s time to rest. But he really loves a good party; Healdsburg is one of his favorite places to be cooed over by admiring people as we dance down the street.

While more and more destinations in Northern California allow dogs as guests these days, it can still be a bit difficult to plan a vacation around Rover. That’s where the new Wine Country Dog Concierge comes in. This service helps create personalized itineraries for dogs and their owners, mapping out pet-friendly wineries, hotels, parks, beaches, redwoods and restaurants.

Owner Cindy Riggs has experience as a professional concierge at a 4-star hotel in Wine Country, and she and her fluffy terrier mix, Ladybug, have the inside scoop on the many pet-friendly options in Sonoma County. This truly is concierge, too – clients start with a personal consultation with Riggs, outlining likes, dislikes, wishes and dreams. Then she emails a custom itinerary complete with maps and extra goodies like tasting discounts for wineries.

One of the nicer amenities of the service is the dog walking and dog sitting referrals. Even the best crate-trained pet needs to get out-and-about while its owners are occupied at the spa, or someplace the pup wouldn’t want to go, like a loud concert.

Riggs can also design a vacation catering to Fido, with details on events like Blessing of the Animals, Pawsport to Napa, outdoor movie nights in wineries and eco-dog hikes with winemakers. She can recommend the best “yappy hours” at restaurants and hotels, and knows a place where you can order a case of wine with the label art as a picture of your dog.

To take the guess work out of the adventure, Riggs offers personal tips for each stop, such tasting room fees, any limitations such as dogs allowed on the patio of a winery only, and scoops on what to do (order the cheese plate, and don’t miss the excellent Pinot Noir). She will make all necessary reservations, and coordinate any extras like when you want your pet sitter to arrive.

For the ultimate test of custom service, Riggs will plan specifics down to the very cuisine – if you love pizza, she knows where to go for the best pies, in a pet-friendly setting, where your pup will be treated to fresh water and treats, too.

Details: Wine Country Dog Concierge Sonoma,

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