Eco Tour Dog Hike at Kunde Family Estate

For many dog owners a dog is more than a pet – he or she is a member of your family and a loyal companion. Growing up, my dog’s name was Smokey. He was a mix of Malamute and German Shepherd. He appreciated my pre-school aged cooking skills (we ate mud pies together) and gladly allowed me to launch my tiny body onto his huge back and ride him like a horse around the backyard. We loved being outdoors exploring plants, flowers, and butterflies. He was my first best friend.

Dogs and Their Owners on the Eco-Tour Dog Hike

There is a place in Sonoma County where dogs, owners, and nature come together – it’s Kunde Family Estate. Each year Kunde Family Estate offers multiple dates for visitors and their four-legged friends to enjoy an Eco-Tour Dog Hike with Jeff Kunde. Click here to find out how you can register for the upcoming tour on May 15, 2010.

A Part of the Tour Fee is Donated

The tour includes a water bar and treats for dogs plus a wine tasting and Wine Country boxed lunch for dog owners. You and your dog will enjoy the view and wildlife as you hike up into the Mayacamas Mountains. You’ll also learn about how Kunde cares for their land using sustainable farming practices that do not poison or harm the environment. A portion of the fee for registration is donated to Canine Companions and the Sonoma County Humane Society.

A Part of the Tour Fee is Donated

Contact Pure Luxury for private chauffeured transportation for you and your best friend on this special day of delighting in the outdoors, natural beauty, and fabulous wines of Sonoma.

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