Lights! Camera! Action! Pure Luxury in a Music Video

The parking lot was almost full. As I walked toward the entrance of the building the voices from inside grew louder and I could hear the sound of laughter. The music started to play and my body began to move to the beat of the music. That’s when I realized I had to get up from my desk and close the door. I was in my office and this was the day a music video was being created on the other side of the wall.

The offices at Pure Luxury Transportation are unique making them the perfect location for productions such as music videos. Our extensive fleet that includes luxury limobuses and limousines are used by directors to enhance the feeling of a song being portrayed in their videos.

Cast and Crew Discussing the Details

The music stopped. I made my way to the area that was being used for filming. Cast, crew, wardrobe, hair & makeup, looked relaxed and waited patiently for the next shot. Other members of the crew took advantage of the break to explore inside the Luxury Limobus that was being used for their video.

This was a team of professionals used to coping with the importance of creating something an artist could be proud of and an audience would enjoy. Although a single shot might only last less than 10 seconds, the hours of attention to detail helps create a successful video.

Hair and Makeup Enjoy a Break

It was interesting to think about how this team was similar to the team here at Pure Luxury. Each department strives to create an experience and a service we can be proud of that surpasses the expectations of our clients.

A Crew Member Checks the Staging Inside One of Pure Luxury’s Limobuses “

In 1894 an electrician was hired to help promote a song. Using a light projector, this electrician showed images on the screen during a live performance and unknowingly set the foundation for the music video. In 1981 MTV made its debut forever changing the relationship between music and television. Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, singers and songwriters have gained notoriety and recording contracts from music videos that individual artists posted on the internet.

In 1991, Gary and Jennifer Buffo started Pure Luxury Transportation with a single vehicle. Now, in 2011, our corporate office is big enough to host a music video shoot and our fleet is diverse enough to offer directors and our clients the vehicle of their choice. Check our website often for the release of the completed music video.

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