Marin is now home to El Huarache Loco

You could jump a plane to Mexico City to fill your cravings for authentic street food like tlacoyito, a handmade blue corn masa cake stuffed with ricotta-like requesón cheese and topped in cilantro, crema, queso fresco and onions. The flavors are so remarkable, they’re absolutely worth flying for.

Or, you could visit the Marin County mart at Larkspur Landing Circle in Larkspur, and eat a meal at the new El Huarache Loco. While Marin has its share of great restaurants, this one is notable for its exquisite, authentic food from Mexico City native Veronica Salazar. Her family owns a restaurant in Mexico’s capital, and she has brought some of her favorite recipes here.

Salazar isn’t new to the cooking business. For the past five years, she has been wowing San Francisco fans as a street vendor and caterer, with her work found mainly at weekend farmers’ markets. The name of her business comes from her specialty, huaraches – literally, “slipper” or “sandal” – that are thick, oval-shaped tortillas stuffed with black bean puree, baked on a griddle, then topped with treats like nopales cactus.

With her new sit-down restaurant, she has expanded the menu into bigger plates, including chicken mole, a selection of daily stews served with handmade corn tortillas, or bistec of traditional grilled beef with grilled nopales and onions and fresh corn tortillas.

Breakfast is a great way to start the day, featuring chilaquiles, huevos rancheros, and mollete, a bolillo roll stuffed with beans, queso Oaxaca and salsa and two eggs any style. Any time is a good time for snacks, meanwhile, such as mini gorditas de chicharrón (thick masa cakes stuffed with braised pork), tacos, or tlacoyito (handmade blue corn masa cake stuffed with ricotta-like requesón cheese and topped in cilantro, crema, queso fresco and onions). The eatery serves from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

It will take an extra large appetite, however, to tackle the Súper Huarache Campechano, a foot-long huarache with two toppings, two salsas, crema and queso fresco.

Details: El Huarache Loco Restaurant,1803 Larkspur Landing Circle, Larkspur, 415-925-1403,

Tip: Limos aren’t just for luxury evenings on the town anymore. A fun excursion can involve a group of friends visiting a few favorite places together for simply great food, and no fuss but plenty of style. Plan a trip to the Marin Mart for dinner at El Huarache Loco, where you can add to your meal with sweets from the adjacent Miette pastry shop and Three Twins Ice Cream, plus a brew from the award winning Marin Brewing Company.

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