Pink Party at Domaine Chandon

I was a young girl when I entered my grandmother’s bedroom without knocking. She was getting dressed and I noticed there was something missing from one side of her bra – it was empty. She gently chided me and told me to wait for her on the other side of the door. Confused, I searched for my mother, and received my first lesson on breast cancer. My grandmother is in her 80’s now, one of many of breast cancer survivors in the United States.

Domaine Chandon’s Pink Party, 2009

Since 1985 October has been recognized as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Companies of all sizes and types, nonprofit organizations, state and federal programs, and private citizens, make an extra effort for fundraising and awareness during this month. One Napa Valley winery committed to this important cause is Domaine Chandon. This year Domaine Chandon will host their 5th Annual Pink Party. The Pink Party benefits breast cancer treatments at Queen of the Valley Medical Center located in Napa. Last year’s Pink Party raised $16,000 for breast cancer research at Queen of the Valley!

Pink Party Signature Appetizer

This year’s Pink Party on October 21, 2010 promises a celebration featuring pink Domaine Chandon champagne cocktails, pink appetizers created by Executive Chef Perry Hoffman of Domaine Chandon’s Etoile Restaurant, and plenty of dancing to music presented by DJ Dukes. There will also be a Silent Auction offering Napa Valley wine and more.

Pink Party Silent Auction

Pure Luxury is donating two free shuttles for the evening to safely and continuously transport Pink Party guests to and from the event from select Napa Valley hotels. If guests prefer their own private transportation from any location of their choice, they can contact one of our Reservations Agents for a private, chauffeured vehicle. Cheers to everyone for all their efforts during this month and all throughout each year!

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