Through our partnership with Green Ride Global, we have created a Corporate Environmental Policy that addresses the immediate and long-term environmental impacts in all aspects of our business. We have implemented an Environmental Management system that is ISO 14001 Compliant, qualifies us for inclusion in the US EPA Climate Leaders program, and includes strategies to reduce the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from fuel consumption, electricity use, supply purchases, waste disposal and employee travel.
Green Strategy
Some of our Green initiatives include:

  • Extensive chauffeur training on enhanced fuel-efficiency and leading-edge clean-fuel technologies
  • Strict anti-idling policies to reduce and eliminate carbon emissions
  • Supporting only the highest-quality carbon reduction and renewable energy projects that meet the rigorous standards of international environmental bodies
  • An in-house Environmental Committee to ensure company-wide participation in our Green initiatives
  • Installing carbon-reducing retrofits throughout our facility, including energy efficiency lighting, and instituting company-wide Standard Operating Procedures, including electronic communication amongst staff, mandatory double-sided printing, Zero Waste and recycling programs

Pure Luxury is proud to announce our goal of achieving a 20% reduction in GHG emissions over the next five to ten years, as our third-party verifier – Green Ride Global – monitors, measures and reports on our progress.

In our first year, our total normalized emissions were reduced by 17%! We were awarded two prestigious awards for our Environmental Program for Client Outreach & Awareness and Overall Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction.