Splash Some Culinary Cuvée into Your Spring-Summer Party Plans

Chefs Silvers, Cavallo and Mall

With the return of warmer weather, and longer days of sunlight on the horizon, many a person’s thoughts turn to parties. It’s a great time to be planning an event at your home or at a private venue, gathering together all your friends to shake away the gray of winter.

Plan a Spring party

For chefs Josh Silvers, Jeff Mall and Carlo Cavallo, the season has also signaled an inspiration. As the trio was sipping some wine after a job at the Sonoma Valley Harvest Wine Auction last fall, they found themselves chatting about how predictable so many catered events can be.

Recently, more of their restaurant customers had lamented the same thing. They wanted something different and fun for their celebrations, something that duplicated the restaurant ambience, the chef personality, and the restaurant quality food.

Enter Culinary Cuvée. Each of the chefs owns his own restaurant – respectively, Santa Rosa’s Syrah Bistro and Jackson’s Bar & Oven, Healdsburg’s Zin Restaurant & Wine Bar, and Sonoma’s Meritage Martini Oyster Bar & Grille. Each chef offers catering. Why not band together?

For this unique catering collaborative, each chef brings the individual touches of his restaurant and personality, melding together to create an even more distinctive experience. And for something completely different, there can be a touch of reality TV.

Besides regular catering assignments, clients can hire the chefs to do an Iron Chef-type cook-off against each other, battling to create the best meal with the same basket of ingredients. Which toque will reign supreme, as party guests cheer them on, then vote for the winner?

Or, the trio can create a single dinner, with one handling the appetizer, another the main course, and another the dessert. The theme plays off the increasingly popular, multi-talent fundraiser galas drawing big ticket prices across the nation.

For another idea, rather than just presenting finished plates, the chefs can host cooking demonstrations, and do their work in an open kitchen setting with clients watching on.

Besides bringing great food to the forefront, the idea is to make parties a more interactive affair. Rather than sitting and waiting to be fed, guests get involved – perhaps Silvers will set them to chopping vegetables, or Mall may encourage them to lend a hand in decanting the wine. Lucky guests may work side-by-side with Cavallo putting the garnish on a plate.

But no worries, say the chefs. Guests won’t be asked to do the dishes.

Details: culinarycuvee.com.

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