Spotlight on Porter Creek Vineyards

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If you explore our wine packages, you’ll notice Porter Creek Vineyards is listed in two of our packages. The first, a tour of the Russian River/Dry Creek Valley, and the second, an Eco Tour of Certified Organic and Biodynamic Wineries in the Dry Creek Valley.

The drive to Porter Creek is relaxing and beautiful. Porter Creek focuses on organic, hillside-grown, vineyard designated wines of grape varietals from the Burgundy and Rhone.

All of Porter Creek’s estate vineyards are situated on hillsides, and farmed with Aurora certified organic practices in transition to Demeter (biodynamic) certification. Winemaker Alex Davis and his father George aim to fully realize each site’s potential, while remaining committed to sustainable practices.

Committed to renewable energy resources, all of the tractors and vehicles employed by Porter Creek are fueled by organic vegetable oil. Porter Creek’s flatbed truck runs on pure vegetable oil, and Porter Creek’s work trucks and tractors on biodiesel, a vegetable oil derivative.

Visiting Porter Creek Vineyards is a unique experience of the passion and commitment to the art of wine-making while caring for the land that provides the foundation for a superb representation of the Russian River Valley.

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