Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

After 18 years, Pure Luxury is proud to have served our clients for all the special events of their lifetimes. One special event entrusted to us over the years has been transportation for Bachelorette parties! Creative hostesses have depended on us to make sure their groups arrive at every destination on time and in luxury! Pure Luxury would like to offer our tips for planning a bachelorette party.

Make lists! Write down your ideas for everything such as games, decorations, and music. Include what your group might prefer for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and options for snacks or meals. Ask the Bachelorette for a guest list of family, friends, and coworkers.

Ask the Bachelorette for a couple of dates that work best for her. Email the guests and plan the party for the best date that works for the most guests.

Plan early! This is especially important if you are creating a Wine Tour. Wineries will require reservations for groups with or without a private tasting or tour.

interior_party_stretch_copy A Wine Tour will be especially memorable with private tours or tastings that feature barrel tasting, wine and cheese, or other wine and food pairings.

If you are creating a Wine Tour, consider having a picnic at one of the wineries.

Planning early is also a great way to make sure your group receives any lunch or dinner reservations at the Bachelorette’s favorite restaurant.

Sharing a meal will create the opportunity for everyone to get acquainted and will provide a more intimate setting for the Bachelorette to open her gifts.

Create a theme! Your theme could be as simple as the group dressed in the Bachelorette’s favorite color.

Create a short survey to email to guests for an idea of what everyone can contribute to form your budget.

The advantages to arranging for Pure Luxury to provide transportation for a Bachelorette party are many! Our Reservation Specialists can help with recommendations for wineries and the timing of your itinerary. Our office is open 24 hours a day to answer any questions. Most of all, everyone, including the main person planning the event, will be able to relax and enjoy themselves as our experienced and professional chauffeur drives the vehicle of your choice from our dependable fleet.

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