Welcome Home Petaluma Little League!

The sign read, “#3 in the World, #1 in the Heart of Petaluma.” It was just one of many signs that lined the route from the San Francisco Airport to Petaluma Fairgrounds. Pure Luxury was honored to be part of this historic day. The entire Pure Luxury staff is proud of Petaluma’s team and has cheered for them throughout their adventure! With the cooperation of local law enforcement, the Petaluma Little League team received an enthusiastic welcome back home.

An Enthusiastic Petaluma Welcomes Players Home

From the Golden Gate Bridge to Petaluma, on ramps were temporarily closed up Highway 101, police cars and fire engines decorated with signs waited on every overpass, and two Novato fire engines shot fountains of water into the air from their powerful hoses. Pure Luxury was escorted by the Petaluma Police and Fire Departments to and from the airport. Joining the escort back to Petaluma were 200 Rip City motorcycle riders, and two news helicopters.

Many Hearfelt Congratulations for Petaluma’s Champions

Hundreds of Petaluma residents lined Petaluma Boulevard and over 1,000 greeted the Petaluma Little League at the the Petaluma Fairgrounds. The players followed the red carpet to the stage passing news trucks and radio station tents to give interviews. Parents lifted children onto their shoulders and the crowd moved close to the stage cheering and waving at the humble champions. A parade in honor of this special team is planned for Sunday, September 2nd, beginning and ending at Walnut Park.

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