I am happy to announce that my wine rack has two new bottles of wine – both from wineries I’ve wanted to try for a while. I found both of them in one stop at Wine Tasting of Sonoma County. There was a break in the clouds and rain when I headed for Wine Tasting of Sonoma County in Historic Duncan’s Mills. The sun warmed me as I drove past apple orchards, Redwood trees, and the homes and businesses dotting Highway 116. When I arrived at Wine Tasting of Sonoma County there was a sign on the building, “Wine and Cheese.” The entrance was lined by a small vineyard identifying different types of vines. Underneath the sign sat a group on the outdoor patio. I peeked at their cheese platter while their laughter filled my ears.

Once inside, my eyes were immediately drawn to the impeccable collection of wines for sale. Not only were there wines from some of the more well-known Sonoma County family wineries, but also Sonoma County wines of exceptional quality that are harder to find. As I imagined the warmth in the tasting room on cold days sitting close to the fireplace, my first taste was poured by one of the hospitable owners, Mike Ott. The selection of Sonoma County reds, whites, and dessert wines to taste was unbelievable and conveniently all in this one location. As much as I’d like to visit every winery’s tasting room, there just isn’t enough time! Make sure to include a visit to Wine Tasting of Sonoma County on your next wine tour with Pure Luxury.