The title “Rock Legend” does not come easily. Along with the ability to appeal to millions of people inspiring them to buy albums/CDs, there is something intangible and indefinable that goes beyond the music in order to possess a loyal following, critical acclaim, and the respect of your peers. Often referred to as the mysterious “it factor,” this something special is hard to find and amazing to experience.

Yes performs July 13, 2010 at Wells Fargo Center for the Arts

Your opportunity to be swept away by the enduring talent, passion, and music of a legendary rock band and a rock legend happens July 13, 2010 when Yes and Peter Frampton take the stage at Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.

For over 40 years the faces of Yes have changed but the ability of this band to break the rules and create musical magic has never changed. Today the band consists of founding member and bass player Chris Squire, Steve Howe (with Yes since 1970) on guitar, Alan White (with Yes since 1972) on drums, Oliver Wakeman (son of Yes keyboard player Rick Wakeman and on tour with Yes since 2008) on keyboards, and lead singer Benoit David (with the band since 2008 when he replaced John Anderson due to health problems).

Peter Frampton will perform at the Wells Fargo Center on July 13, 2010

Peter Frampton’s long hair may be gone but his passion, talent, and ability to captivate an audience is stronger than ever. When Peter Frampton plays one of his hits from the 1970’s you get more than a soulless regurgitation of a song we all know. A master performer, Peter Frampton sings the songs we love with the same vigor as the first time. Frampton Comes Alive!, the 1976 album that catapulted his commercial success, is still the fourth top selling live album in the United States. His ability to showcase his ever-growing talent was rewarded with a Grammy Award in 2007 for his 2006 instrumental album, Fingerprints. Included on the list of songs to be performed are some from Peter Frampton’s newest album, Thank You Mr. Churchill, released earlier this year. Peter Frampton does not rely on the old ways and sounds for creating new music. This album reveals the talent and skill that Peter Frampton has acquired and that has helped to earn his status as “Rock Legend.” Peter Frampton’s band includes John Regan on bass who has been performing with Peter Frampton for over 30 years, Adam Lester on guitar, Dan Wojciechowski on drums, and Rob Arthur on back up vocals plus guitar and keyboards.

Ruth Finley Person Theater holds 1,612 seats

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