Holiday Wine Guide


The Holidays are a time to gather and be merry. Having the perfect wine for each dish will have your guests talking for years to come! Here’s a great pairing guide for your favorite Holiday dishes!

Ham is one of the most traditional Holiday dishes you can serve up. Usually coated with a sweet glaze, we’ve got the perfect wine pairings to bring out every flavor in your dish!

Our recommendations: Syrah


Turkey is typically more of a Thanksgiving dish, but sometimes makes it’s way to the Christmas table as well (more often than not). Although pairing a wine with Turkey depends a lot on the sides you are serving up with it, there are a few wines we suggest.

Our recommendations: Chenin Blanc


Apple pie is famous for being on the Holiday dessert table. It’s brown sugar, caramelized apples and buttery taste is something that guests almost never want to miss! There are a few wines that pair very nicely with this dessert.

Our recommendations: Riesling or Ice Wine


Chocolate cake is a must-have dessert during the Holidays! Who doesn’t love chocolate? A light, moist and silky chocolate cake has some great wine pairings!

Our recommendations: Vintage Ports


Potatoes make a great side dish for any occasion, but are almost always found on Holiday tables! Potatoes pair very nicely with one certain type of wine because of their buttery consistency.

Our recommendations: Sauvignon Blanc


Tell us what you are going to pair your favorite Holiday dishes with in the comments below! Happy Holidays!

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