Live in the Vineyard: Napa Valley Celebration of Rock Stars, Rock Star Winemakers, & Celebrity Chefs


There are many levels of things you can win, a bet with a friend for a dollar, a stuffed animal at a carnival, prize for a best costume contest during Halloween, or a million dollar lottery prize. Some things available for the winning, are priceless. The chance to win an invitation to Live in the Vineyard is one of those priceless things. Live in the Vineyard takes place biannually. This year’s first event takes place March 26 – 29. Live in the Vineyard takes Napa Valley’s world-renowned wines, plus world class chefs, and combines them with the best up-and-coming artists and multi-platinum musicians to present an unforgettable weekend.

Winners will enjoy private, exclusive tastings while meeting Napa’s talented winemakers and vintners. The list of 100 participating wineries consists of Provenance Vineyards, Round Pond Estate, Spring Mountain Vineyard, and other Napa Valley producers of incredible wines.

A Beautiful View Outside a Napa Valley Winery
A Beautiful View Outside a Napa Valley Winery

Winners will also dine on local Napa Valley cuisine, attend cooking demonstrations and friendly cooking competitions between celebrity chefs. Local celebrity chefs include Ken Frank and Michael Chiarello.

Fresh Ingredients in the Hands of a Celebrity Chef Create a Simply Delicious Meal
Fresh Ingredients in the Hands of a Celebrity Chef Create a Simply Delicious Meal

Of course, winners will savor the sounds of performing artists during intimate acoustic concerts and experience up-close-and-personal exchanges with the artists at a variety of events. Featured artists include American Country Music duo Florida Georgia Line, American Indie Rock band Family of the Year, the uncategorical Life of Dillon from the UK creating acoustic-laced dance-driven pop, American Folk Pop band Oh Honey, and many more.

Intimate, Acoustic Performances by an Incredible Artists
Once in a Lifetime, Intimate, Acoustic Performances by Incredible Artists

Remember, this once in a lifetime event can only be won. Visit the Live in Vineyard website to find out how you can enter to win your guest status to this unbelievable weekend in the beautiful Napa Valley.

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