Pure Luxury is Always Prepared with Parts on Hand

For a large company like Pure Luxury, it’s critical to have everything available to keep our vehicles in top condition. Having parts on hand is important for any unexpected issues. Instead of having to place a vehicle out of service while waiting for a part to be delivered, having parts on hand allows our fleet to operate with maximum efficiency so that any vehicle needing a part is provided for and ready to be available to clients.

Quality is Crucial

Just as important as having parts on hand, is having the correct parts in stock. Pure Luxury does not make any compromises when it comes to the quality of parts installed in each vehicle. Keeping a quality inventory ensures that Pure Luxury will never need to settle for a lower quality part at the last minute to get a vehicle operational and on the road again.

Consistent Monitoring

Pure Luxury staff makes sure that all parts on hand are fully stocked and organized. Organization is key to being able to find whatever is needed as quickly as possible while making it easier for our team to track inventory.

A significant part of Pure Luxury’s fleet is the Service Truck. Our team is able to quickly transport parts, perform on road maintenance, and conduct regular inspections at all of our Northern California locations.

Committed to Safety

Pure Luxury is dedicated to providing the safest service for our clients while providing the safest equipment for our chauffeurs.

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