Tour with Your Own Personal Sommelier

Sonoma and Napa Counties are each home to some 450 wineries. Multiply that by dozens of wines offered by each winery, and… that’s a lot of wine.

Which is a great thing, of course, but it can be overwhelming. So what if you could bring along your own personal sommelier, as an expert to help fine tune your choices, and turn you on to hidden gems?

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Packages like the Pure Luxury Transportation Exclusive Sommelier Tour offer just that. The VIP experience is completely customized based on your wine and winery preferences, then guided by internationally renowned “Sommelier to the Stars,” Christopher Sawyer.

More than just a wine expert, Sawyer is a Sonoma County native who knows virtually everyone in the business, and can arrange access to truly special wineries. Sawyer has worked as a personal sommelier for famous names including the Getty family, the Gorbachevs, and Oscar-winning director and chief creative officer of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, John Lasseter.

All through your daylong tour, Sawyer shares expert insight into the wine regions you’re visiting, the grape varietals famous there, how the wines are made, and the exclusive opportunity to meet winery owners and winemakers. He offers a rare peek behind-the-scenes, with up-close-and-personal adventures including wineries usually closed to the public, plus library wines rarely available for tasting.

A sommelier can also use this day to help you start building or add to your own wine collection. This is a terrific opportunity to snatch up those highly coveted bottles to ship home.

Another bonus to touring with a sommelier is that his or her extensive wine training has led him or her to be an expert in food, too. So be sure to ask for recommendations on Wine Country’s best new, legendary, and/or hidden treasure restaurants to visit.

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